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Thank you

Dear friend of LDFA Belgium,
For your contribution to the very first campaign
to raise money to help the project “Little Dresses for Africa – Belgium”,
I would like to say a big
Indeed, thanks to you, I have made so far 30 bunnies and raised more than 370 euros !
Orders are still arriving, this is fantastic !
I also received more shirts, jeans, bed linen and other materials to
recycle into little dresses for girls, britches for boys and other
necessary items to be sent to orphanages soon.
This is not the end of the action !
LDFA Belgium is constantly open and you can order or give anytime !
You will see soon the “summer campaign” open.
Have a look on my blog to see other items I am sewing and put your order J
I do “on order” so do not hesitate to ask what you wish/need/want.
And do not forget
and is free ;-)
Thanks again.